Instrument Bundle

Glass— Kontakt Player

Explore a world of undulating and evolving looped textures in 4 instruments. Each instrument comprises of 16 selectable sound sources – analogue basses and pads, studio recorded acoustic strings and woodwinds, deep modular synths and granular processed sound design

Stone — Kontakt Player

A collection of 16 instruments grouped together by texture and timbre, lovingly recorded and processed to eke out unique qualities. Aimed at film, media and theater composers, the tool-sets featured in Stone are immediate to use and experiment with

Legato Cello— Kontakt Player

This library is a legato, monophonic version of the Cello featured in the Pivot bank of Stone. It focuses on the articulation and expression of a solo Cello. The recording was made with one very close mic and one room mic, capturing a lovely bow texture and resonance from the body of the Cello. The instrument features three velocity layers and scripted vibrato to add articulation