Stone — Kontakt Player

A collection of 16 instruments grouped together by texture and timbre, lovingly recorded and processed to eke out unique qualities. Aimed at film, media and theater composers, the tool-sets featured in Stone are immediate to use and experiment with

The 4 layered banks in Stone are akin to a composer toolkit that is immediate to use and adapt. Sculpting the sound with the built in effects processing allows you to add character or create something more experimental. Above is a video playlist of examples from composer Derek Kirkup

From ambient soundscapes to snarling rhythmical loops, Stone will certainly add flair and character to your underscore. I certainly do recommend both Stone and Glass and I am really looking forward to what Murst Instruments creates next” – Sample Library Review


  • Oscillate // is a collection of deep analogue basses sampled from vintage and modular synthesizers processed through a germanium fuzz

  • Pivot // sustained Cello bow, unstructured Cello phrases, granular Cello and Organ fuzz. Recorded close mic for an intimate capture of the bow texture and body resonance

  • Fluctuate // features hammer, mallets and plucked sounds processed on a Uher tape machine

  • Grain // completes the sonic layering with a quirky selection of noise/recorded samples for depth in your sound design


  • 20 preset snaphots
  • An array of effects to warp and expand the sound sources
  • Front panel control over the more immediate aspects - volume, envelopes, fx sends
  • Split keyboard across the 4 banks
  • Buttons to reveal further modulation controls for the filters
  • Kontakt Player runs on Mac/PC
  • Serial redeemable through Native Access
  • The manual can be found here

The walkthrough video above is a useful quick start guide