Whoosh Designer 
M4L Device

The first in a series of M4L devices intended for creative sound design and audio processing. Whoosh Designer blends three audio sources - Wave / Oscillator / Noise - processed with a doppler simulation that pans left to right with adjustable duration and min/max distance from the virtual microphone. Whoosh Designer can create passbys, stingers, motion sound design and sweeps to use in music, motion design and sound design projects

Whoosh Designer is a Max 4 Live device. To use it you will need Ableton Suite 11.1.1 with max 4 live installed, or max 4 live purchased as a separate. It won’t work on standard Ableton licenses without max 4 live

Sound Sources

  • Wave – a selection of audio files designed for the Whoosh Generator including drones, scrapes, bowed metal, analog bass and more. All files were created with modular, analog synths or max/msp

  • Oscillator – select between sine, saw, square and triangle. The LP filter can sculpt the oscillator sound for presence in the low end 

  • Noise – a simple white noise generator with a LP or HP filter to produce either high fizzing sounds for whip passbys or full spectrum ‘wall of noise’ sfx that rush past the ears 

Whoosh Designer comes with a selection of designed audio samples to begin creating whooshes, pass-bys and stingers immediately, these mainly come from our Coda sample pack (which makes a great pairing when purchased with this device). You can also load your own samples into Whoosh Designer with the included USER m4l device